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Blind Cleaning Tips

1. Vacuum drapes annually with soft brush attachment, including the top of the curtain at the front and the back.
2. Check care labels usually on back/top corner of curtain for washing suitability.
CAUTION: shrinkage, colour change, cotton unraveling, ripping, excessive costs, and incorrect re-hanging of old curtains, are all possible results when using a professional dry-cleaner.
3. For fading edges, if possible swap curtains to opposite side of track
NOTE: care must be taken to re-hang curtains correctly.

Quickly wipe the back of your track (where runners are) with dry and /or damp cloth.  Spray with silicon spray (supplied by your curtain retailer) DO NOT use oil, or WD40 type sprays as they may clog your track and/or stain your curtain
2. To clean curtain track cord, soak over night in a nappy cleaning solution, leave to dry prior to operating track.

Roller blinds
In general a duster may suffice.
Try a damp cloth for more serious dust.
For marks that won’t budge use a normal white rubber.
For a blind covered in grease try warm soapy water.
If you are going to replace blind anyway try Jif or Nifty etc

CAUTION: some cleaning chemicals can melt the p.v.c. exterior of the blind cloth.

Roman blinds
Vacuum Romans annually with a soft brush attachment, include top.
2.  For marks that won’t budge use a normal white rubber


 Aluminum/Wooden lookalike/Lacquered cedar Venetians
In general dust regularly with a anti-static duster, rotate slats to clean both sides. Other alternatives are: Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, clean with damp cloth, or clean with your hand inside a sock.

CAUTION: wooden slats may swell if soaked in water.

If dust won’t budge, (for Aluminum blinds only)  remove lay on concrete, or hang on cloths line, hose gently, using a soft brush clean with warm soapy water, fully tilt, turn over, and repeat. When nearly dry, wipe with soft cloth to prevent bead marks. Re install Venetian, make sure slats are not stuck together and wipe any remaining water.

CAUTION: slats can bend easily.

* All the above hints are a guide only, check with your supplier

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